Month: November 2017

Subsea Engineer Chelcie Babin

Meet Chelcie Babin from Houston, Texas.  Chelcie has a degree in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University and currently works as a subsea engineer and package manager, where she manages multiple fabrication scopes for projects all over the world.  She has fabricated everything from flanges, to pipeline coatings and subsea structures.  Once fabrication is complete, she assists with mobilizing the equipment on vessels and offshore installations. Chelcie has predominantly worked in the Gulf of Mexico, but also, in Venezuela, Italy, and Norway.  We reached out to her to learn more about what her career has been like managing and...

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Captain Jill Friedman

Meet Captain Jill Friedman from Madeira Beach, Florida. Captain Jill started working on the water 30 years ago as an able bodied seaman and worked her way up to captain with a USCG Master License for Vessels of Unlimited Tonnage. Captain Jill also has an Associate’s Degree in Ocean Marine Technology from Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, Texas, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the University St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. It is easy to see how accomplished a mariner she is. She’s a pioneer in the maritime industry and a wealth of knowledge. We reached out to Captain...

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Going Offshore? Here’s Your Offshore Packing List!

I began working offshore three years ago.  Before my first hitch, I was pretty clueless as to what working offshore entailed.  I was prepared to hop onto my first helicopter flight outfitted with my crisp, blindingly bright orange coveralls and shiny, green hardhat.  Luckily, I mentioned my new wardrobe enthusiasm to a college buddy, who informed me sported my new gear on the chopper, I’d most certainly look like a ‘dorky carrot‘ in a sea of normal street clothes.  He instructed me to wear something comfortable and to make sure I donned long pants and closed toed shoes.  I...

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