Author: Jessica Ryals

Build a Support System & You’ll Never Walk Alone

Whether on an oil rig that is 100 miles offshore, or a merchant ship that’s 1000, a maritime career sometimes feels like a lonely one, especially for a woman. A couple hundred feet of cold steel. Berthing quarters that are more utilitarian than comforting. And you are sometimes surrounded by strangers, and often the only woman. Overcoming loneliness and the feelings of depression that might accompany it are aspects of wellness that cannot be overlooked.  A support system is be a vital part of the wellness puzzle, every bit as important as your diet and exercise. We have talked...

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Helideck Workout

Get outside and get rejuvenated… One of my favorite things to do on a nice day at sea is go for a walk on the helideck. The open air, the endless view of the horizon, getting some sunshine or starlight in, is incredibly refreshing. It is a way to get away from the noise and hustle that makes up the other 800+ feet of drillship.  I find that it helps me settle my mind and relax. So what’s to say that you can’t take your entire workout to the helideck?  If you check out my other workouts here and here,...

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Circuit Workout, Leg Day Edition

This follow-up to the first routine I posted here, will have your legs screaming! True Grit Fitness – the fitness business I own with my husband, Kent – has solutions for any fitness level. It even has an entire routine of workouts that are ideally suited for performing offshore. The Resolution.12 Trainer developed as a need for a total body transformation program; twelve weeks long, broken up into four distinct training blocks: Adventure, Brave, Conviction, and Dedication. However, it is the second training block, Brave, which focuses on full body function training that’s perfect for taking offshore with you. Brave...

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Circuit Workout

When my husband, Kent, got certified as a personal trainer, I naturally started asking him to create workouts for me. This is what ultimately led to us establishing True Grit Fitness.  Kent created an extensive library of workouts that we thought others could benefit from such a workout program that could be done anywhere.   No Equipment Needed… Part of what makes this routine, an excerpt from our Resolution.12 Trainer, the perfect workout for doing on board a ship or platform, is that there is no equipment needed for completing it successfully. On my rig, we have a huge...

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Make Yourself a Priority

Two years ago, I looked in the mirror and was unhappy with what I saw. So I decided to do something about it.  Over the next year, I trained hard, ate right, and lost 30 pounds.   I found out what kind of dieting works for my body, learned that I loved to lift weights, and felt my self-confidence on the rise.  Along the way, I decided to get certified as a personal trainer – you can find me here at ACE .  After getting certified, the next natural step was to help others.   Everyone has an excuse… When people,...

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