Get outside and get rejuvenated…

One of my favorite things to do on a nice day at sea is go for a walk on the helideck. The open air, the endless view of the horizon, getting some sunshine or starlight in, is incredibly refreshing. It is a way to get away from the noise and hustle that makes up the other 800+ feet of drillship.  I find that it helps me settle my mind and relax. So what’s to say that you can’t take your entire workout to the helideck?  If you check out my other workouts here and here, you’ll find that either of them would be great for doing outside.

Try something new…

I have recently started incorporating CrossFit into my workout regimen.  It’s not full-time for me, I have not joined a CrossFit box, or taken a Fundamentals class.  But, I’ve found that I enjoy the variety of the workouts.  I enjoy the fast pace and competitive nature of them, competing against my own time or number of repetitions.  And, it’s a challenge, particularly the gymnastics movements.  I’ve never been able to do a handstand, but I’m determined to learn!  Immersing myself in this new method of working out got me thinking that CrossFit is ideal for the helideck!  And if your vessel doesn’t have a helideck, what other kind of open space do you have?

Workout of the Day

I recently did a WOD (that’s Workout of the Day), called The Longest Mile.  I found it challenging, enjoyable, and ideal for doing on a helideck or a limited gym that might only have a treadmill. That makes it good for a hotel also!  If you are trying this one out on your helideck, I recommend doing your homework to find out the circumference of it first, make sure you are getting that distance right!

The Longest Mile

4 rounds for time

10 burpees (video)

100 meter run

10 air squats (video)

100 meter run

10 push-ups (video)

100 meter run

10 sit-ups (video)

100 meter run

Be safe out there…

A couple of notes that I feel obliged to add. Make sure that there’s no helicopters expected, and do let someone know you’re planning to work out on the helideck. If you are not familiar with the exercises listed, watch the videos!  Always make sure you do a proper warm-up and stretch before your workout.  Additionally, do a cool-down and stretch afterwards.  This can be as simple as a brisk walk for a few laps prior to and after the WOD.

What new workouts have you tried recently?  And if you try this one, post your time to the comments!