Join Women Offshore at the upcoming HERWorld Energy Forum in Houston, Denver, and Online across the globe, March 7th-8th!

The HERWorld Energy Forum is an innovative event that addresses topics on the new frontiers concerning the energy industry.  Network with other energy professionals for a dynamic learning experience at HERWorld, March 7th and 8th, at the Norris Conference Center.  The main stage broadcast from Houston is streamed all over the world to over 40 locations and 7500 professionals.

The HERWorld Energy Forum is hosted by Pink Petro, an inclusive platform that recognizes contributions women make in the energy sector while supporting their future career growth.  CEO, Katie Mehnert, scrawled the original ideas for the creation of Pink Petro on a cocktail napkin in 2014, while on a transatlantic flight.  Katie took those scant few notes on that cocktail napkin and realized those ideas into a powerhouse company and introduced the annual HERWorld Energy Forum one of the energy industry’s premiere experiences..  Through Pink Petro’s HERWorld Energy Forum, Katie sets the stage for industry leaders to break down the new energy playbook: GRIT.

Growth. Resilience. Innovation. Transition. GRIT. It’s the new energy playbook.

A resilient, reliable, and secure energy future is essential to the global economy. New fuels, technologies and innovation are driving opportunities. The new energy playbook is all about (G)rowth, (R)esilience, (I)nnovation and (T)ransition: GRIT!

Speakers of the Pink Petro HERWorld Energy Forum will address the energy transition, digital technology, workforce needs and opportunities, and the gender gap. Be inspired by Linda Lorelle, a two-time Emmy Award winning journalist and former NBC anchor, will speak about sharing one’s own unique story. Learn from Dr Jen Welter, the NFL’s first female coach, who will mix examples from her own life in sports with practical advice on making an impact and see speakers from all walks of energy: oil, gas, utilities, solar, and wind.

Recognize Someone with GRIT Today!

At HERWorld hardworking women in the field will be recognized with GRIT Awards.  These awards shine a light on leaders that boldly step up to the occasion, whatever it may be.  It’s for the women who lead and the men who advocate for their inclusion in energy.

Do you know someone who should be acknowledged in a big way?  Click HERE to nominate that person for a GRIT Award!  Don’t delay! Nominations are due January 31st!

A Gift For You

Reserve your spot today at HERWorld. Use code “WOW18” for 10% off your registration! Click HERE to register and review the agenda. We hope to see you there!