WomenOffshore would like to introduce you to Pink Petro, a community in energy of men and women.

In 2014, it was reported by Oil & Gas UK that women only make up 3.6% of the total offshore population. We reported previously that in 2015, The American Petroleum Institute disclosed that out of nearly 1.3 million job opportunities in the oil & gas and petroleum industries, only 185,000 are to be occupied by women.

WomenOffshore wants to increase these numbers, and we need YOU to help us.

It is common to hear successful people credit mentors who helped them achieve success. Mentoring enables career growth and development, along with economic opportunity. It isn’t just for the retired work force to share their wealth of knowledge they have acquired over a long career, either. At any stage of a career, anyone can be a mentor or mentee. We all have stories to tell, advice to give from lessons learned and questions to ask, to pursue career development. If we are actually going to reduce the gender gap in maritime and offshore operations, we need to come together as a community, through mentoring opportunities.

Pink Petro, a global community…’

WomenOffshore is excited to tell you about an excellent resource for connecting and finding mentors, coaches, and experts who can help you navigate your career. We want to bring your attention to Pink Petro – a global community, connecting women and men across all facets of the Energy Sector.

Pink Petro was founded in 2014 by Katie Mehnert, a safety and operational risk leader. Katie conceived Pink Petro on 3 cocktail napkins, while on a flight from London to Houston. With support from Halliburton and Shell Oil, Katie launched Pink Petro as an online, global platform. In the 3 years since the launch, Pink Petro has grown to nearly 8,300 members, including males representing 40% of the site traffic.

‘An app, a job website, and a weekly online TV program’

Katie refers to Pink Petro as “… a steady stream of conversation and resources.” Through Pink Petro‘s mobile member app, job website, and weekly online TV program, Pink Petro is leaning into the energy community to create connections and help their members fulfill their career dreams.

At WomenOffshore, we want you to know about Pink Petro and join their community so that you too, can fulfill your career aspirations. Katie has generously offered our subscribers a discount on joining Pink Petro!

Thank you, Katie!

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