Hi there! I’m Jessica, a part of the team at WomenOffshore, who also happens to be a fitness junkie. I’ll be here blogging about health and wellness in the working world, fitness when you have a family, and women lifting and uplifting.

I’m a Class of 2008 Graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York. I grew up near Dallas, Texas, and I always wanted to be a pilot like my Dad.  I started looking at the service academies while I was in high school as a means to go to flight school and, ultimately, enter the aviation industry.  Kings Point was a great option, but during my time at school, I fell in love with being at sea.  Upon graduation, I decided to sail on my license instead of flying and took a commission in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve.

“My professional goal is to join the short line of women who have sailed as the master of a deepwater drilling rig.”

My professional career has been on the oilfield in the Gulf of Mexico, with a couple of international jaunts to bring drillships across the oceans, as a Mate and Dynamic Positioning Operator.  I’m currently holding a Chief Mate Unlimited Tonnage License, and slowly but surely, accruing days towards my Master’s license.  My professional goal is to join the short line of women who have sailed as the master of a deepwater drilling rig.

Over the past nine years since graduating from Kings Point, I met and fell in love with a Gulf of Mexico supply boat captain named Kent. We moved in together and started a “just add water” family with his daughter, Courtney.  We lived in South Alabama for several years, and then when Courtney graduated high school, we all headed north.  Courtney is attending the University of Alabama Birmingham where she’s studying nursing, while Kent and I settled in the mountains of East Tennessee.  Along the way, we got married, adopted two big dogs and two cats, bought a fixer-upper house, and started a little business together.

A passion for fitness…

That business is part of what brings me here!  Kent has always been dedicated to personal fitness.  Admittedly, I did not until I met him.  Once we started working out together, I discovered a passion for slinging heavy weights around.  Kent got certified as a personal trainer, convinced me to do it too, and the idea of helping others discover a love for fitness began to form.  The idea of anybody being able to get fit anywhere is what brought True Grit Fitness to life.  Now, we want to help others find their way to making health and wellness a priority in their life.

I’m glad you’re here with me, to read the writings and ramblings of a woman offshore, who happens to also be a personal trainer.  I’m thrilled to be here in this space where women can lift and uplift others.  I hope that you’ll be as  thrilled with joining me, as I am to be here.  I’d love to see comments about the subjects YOU would be most interested in hearing about regarding shipboard health and wellness!

Show us what you’ve got, ladies!  If you have any stories, questions or input for Jessica, we all at WomenOffshore would love to hear about it!  Email your thoughts to hello@womenoffshore.org!