Register for the Women Offshore UNITE Conference! Join us at Rice University in Houston, Texas July 12-13th, 2019! 

The 2nd Annual Women Offshore UNITE Conference this year will bring together female leaders who work on the water, in one place, to empower women on similar career paths. Women with decades of experience will gather from both the offshore and maritime industries at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business. For two days, female leaders will speak on panels, sharing lessons learned to propel other’s careers. Companies will showcase work opportunities both on the water and onshore. Attendees will walk away from this conference inspired to accelerate their careers.

Janice and Robert McNair Hall, 1900 Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005

Meet our Keynote Speakers!

Susan Dio, Chairman and President of BP America

Susan Dio is chairman and president of BP America, providing leadership and oversight to BP’s U.S. businesses, which employ around 14,000 people. These businesses include oil and gas exploration and production, refining, petrochemicals, supply and trading, pipeline operations, shipping, retail, and alternative energy. Since joining the company in 1984, she has held key operational and executive positions in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. Before assuming her current role, Susan served as CEO of BP Shipping, where she managed the fleet of BP-operated and chartered vessels that move more than 200 million tons of products across the globe each year.

Serena Webber-Bey, Chief Engineer at Matson

Serena Webber-Bey is a USCG licensed chief engineer of steam & diesel unlimited vessels. She has been sailing with the Marine Engineers Benficial Association since her graduation from SUNY Maritime in 2004, where she earned a Third Assistant Engineer License as well as a Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering, Mechanical. Sailing off the board with the union has allowed Serena the opportunity to acquire sea time on both steam and diesel vessels, work as a port engineer ashore, and currently, sail as chief engineer on the Cape Henry. In her off time, Serena enjoys exercising, adventuring, laying on the beach, and spending time with loved ones.

Delfina Govia, Partner at Veritas Total Solutions

Delfina Govia has over 40 years of global experience in the energy industry leading activities in management consulting, general management, business transformation, project management and financial analysis. Delfina is currently engaged by several major national and international oil companies to assist in developing wide-scale performance improvement strategies, to design and implement transformation plans and to perform financial valuations of operations. She also acts as a direct adviser on strategic issues to several executives across oil companies, government agencies, educational institutions and investment firms.

Captain Elizabeth Simenstad, Founder of

Elizabeth started working on the water in January, 2010 on an oceangoing tugboat in Seattle, Washington. Since then, she has worked on tugboats in various roles, including second mate, chief mate, and chief engineer, in the US and Puerto Rico. Elizabeth is also the founder of Sea Sisters, an online community promoting the recruitment and retention of women in the maritime industry.

Parker Harrison, Senior Vice President & General Counsel at Crowley

Parker Harrison is the president of the U.S. chapter of WISTA, the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association. She has overall responsibility for Crowley’s legal and risk management functions, including the in-house legal team, the company’s global insurance program, Beacon Insurance Company, Ltd., risk management and insurance requirements in business operations, and cost and claim administration on behalf of Crowley business lines. Parker also leads the company’s employee-led charitable foundation that benefits hundreds of non-profits.

Janelle Daniel, Vice President of Human Resources, Community Relations, & Sustainability at Transocean

Janelle Daniel is vice president of human resources, community relations and sustainability at Transocean, Ltd. In this role, she is responsible for human resources, including employment strategy and structure, compensation, benefits, talent management and internal communications. Janelle also leads community relations and sustainability, managing an integrated approach to Transocean’s corporate citizenship. Since joining the company in 2005, she has held global leadership roles of increasing responsibility in human resources, and led numerous enterprise-wide initiatives. 


On the first day of the conference, July 12th from 4-7pm, a career fair will take place where companies will showcase work opportunities both on the water and onshore. These companies include, McAllister, Hornbeck Offshore, MM&P, TOTE, Shell, OSG, Foss, Hornblower Cruises & Events, Veritas Total Solutions, Transocean, EnscoRowan, Seadrill, Interlake Steamship Company, and MORE!


Learn from Leadership

What makes an effective leader? What skills does a leader need to bring to the table to successfully lead a team? Learn how female leaders across the maritime and offshore energy industries leverage their skills for success. Leave this panel enabled to define your impact and inspired to take on new roles at your organizations.

A new frontier

Welcome to the new frontier of women expanding boundaries in a “man’s world.” As companies focus on inclusion, the diversity landscape is changing. Explore diversity and inclusion with these experts. Discuss how this movement may be perceived by the existing workforce. Do women bring value or are they being given special privilege?

Be inspired by moms at sea

Learn about opportunities for women to pursue a career in the offshore energy industry and raise a family. On this panel, female seafarers share their experiences with maternity leave and how they transitioned back to their rigs. Be inspired by their stories of achieving their career dreams offshore as moms.

Women at the Pinnacle

Meet women from around the world at the pinnacle of the maritime industry. They are expert navigators who overcame challenges in their home countries. Gain a better understanding of what pilotage looks like worldwide, as they share remarkable sea stories.

Get the most out of it

A sailor’s life can mean 6 months or more of vacation a year. It can also mean being gone from friends and family for months or weeks at a time. Maintaining a career at sea, while balancing a life onshore can have its challenges. On this panel, experienced female mariners share how they make the most of their time on and off the water.

Boundless Careers

Thinking about making the jump from ship to shore? Hear from women who took the leap. Were they intentional about the change or did the opportunity come to them? How exactly did it happen? Hear their unique stories, and tips for making yourself marketable, flexible and qualified to come shore side.

Men making waves

Get ready to normalize the conversation on gender issues with open and candid dialogue. Attendees will hear from a diverse group of professionals who understand the importance of men’s roles in reducing the gender gap on the water. Learn how men are advocating for change to create inclusive environments at sea.

Rolemodels take stage

The act of mentoring can have a profound impact on another person’s career. The list of benefits are long, including improved confidence, better problem-solving skills, and more positive outlooks on career development. Learn from mentors in our community as they share how they empower the next generation of female seafarers.

Exclusive Hotel Rate: Marriott Courtyard Houston-West University

Transportation will be provided both in the morning and evening to and from the Women Offshore UNITE conference. Complimentary high speed internet, outdoor heated swimming pool and 24/7 accessible exercise room, and free parking will be available.

2929 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77005 | (713) 487- 4189

Please note that this exclusive hotel rate is only available until July 1st.

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