Women Offshore Conference 2022

Agenda, October 7th – 14th

Women Offshore charts a course towards a future where female seafarers are representative of the population. Last year, our virtual conference saw over 350 participants with 25 countries represented. In 2022, for the 5th-annual Women Offshore Conference, we will host hundreds of attendees from around the globe under the theme Lift As You Climb. Through interactive virtual sessions, attendees will explore ways to overcome challenges while empowering others and leave inspired to go after their career dreams.

Attendees will receive access to the platform on October 5th. All sessions will be recorded. Attendees will have access to the recording for 30 days post event. Contact Cassi Laskowski at cassi@womenoffshore.org with any questions.

Below is the tentative agenda and all times are in Central Time (Houston).

Friday, October 7th

1000-1115 Opening Keynote: Karrie Trauth, SVP Shipping & Maritime, Shell

Kick off the conference with Karrie Trauth, Senior Vice President of Shipping and Maritime at Shell! Since 1st August 2021, Karrie has been responsible for Shell’s international shipping and maritime activities, including ships, barges, drilling units, floating production facilities and related operations.  Her work spans Shell’s entire business across upstream, downstream, projects and construction.  She is a leading spokesperson on safety and the environment, improving the efficiency of shipping and maritime operations, and driving technology and innovation, including digitalisation and decarbonisation. During this session Karrie will share lessons learned from her career. Be inspired by her leadership style and how she has empowers her team for success!

1115-1245 Managing Unconscious Bias Interactive Session with Shantera Chatman, Global Culture Strategist, PowHer Consulting

The simplest definition of bias is a preference for one thing over another. We all have these preferences that cause us to favor one type of person, group, or thing when compared to another. They have been ingrained in use from birth. That is why they are called unconscious biases. A bias is not necessarily bad unless it triggers an unfair assessment or treatment of others. However, if our biases trigger us to unfairly exclude others from advantages and opportunities in the workplace, it becomes terrible. In this interactive session, we will address ways to identify and manage biases to ensure they do not become stereotypes and hinder the decision-making process in the workplace.

1245-1600 Lounge Table Discussions

Networking with other attendees in the virtual lounge! Tables will be open for the afternoon each day!

Saturday, October 8th

1000-1115 Yoga & Guided Meditation with Karen Lee

Grab your yoga block, strap, and mat!* Start your Saturday with Karen Lee, experienced Yoga instructor, for yoga and guided meditation. Karen Lee has been teaching yoga and guided meditation since 2015. She is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. She also holds a Level 1 teaching certificate for 30 hours of training in Integrated Restoration (iRest) Yoga Nidra meditation. Her philosophy about Yoga is, “There are some many layers to Yoga and generally the practice offers something for everyone. Yoga provides a path that takes you on a journey where you get to decide which way to go.”

*You can substitute a block with a thick hard bound book and a long belt instead of a strap. It is also recommended to have a small blanket. For balancing poses, have a chair handy or have access to a wall.

1115-1215 Mentoring Matters – Learn from Mentors & Mentees of Women Offshore!

Women Offshore’s MentorSHIP is a pillar of the organization’s programming and was awarded the 2021 Most Impacting Mentoring Program award by Mentorloop. Mentors and mentees from different parts of the globe support each other to navigate the maritime and offshore energy industries. In this panel discussion, hear from experienced mentors and mentees and learn about how they’ve achieved success through their mentor-mentee relationship. Understand what it takes to keep the relationship going, and how you too can open doors for others in your industry.

1215-1600 Lounge Table Discussions

Networking with other attendees in the virtual lounge! Tables will be open for the afternoon!

Monday, October 10th

1000-1115 Keynote Jennifer Nugent-Hill, Director, Governmental & Community Affairs, Tropical Shipping

Meet Jennifer Nugent-Hill, a powerful speaker and inspirational leader in the maritime industry. Jennifer began her shipping and logistics career with Tropical Shipping in 1995 as the Island Manager for St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands. She has held several management positions including being appointed in 1999 as Assistant VP and Trade Market Manager for Puerto Rico, the US and British Virgin Islands. As the Director of Governmental and Community Affairs, she works with the company’s Executives and Managers on its public policy agenda, as well as lead the company’s Community Affairs initiatives. Jennifer also coordinates the company’s Business Continuity /Emergency Plans with the management Teams. Her happy place at Tropical is working alongside her colleagues to give back to the communities it serves with its generous corporate donation program. Managing Tropical Shipping annual Disaster Management Workshops is one of its signature community initiatives and working with stakeholders to support community and business Disaster Resiliency Programs is a hallmark of her work at the company. Jennifer will speak at the Women Offshore Conference about how she has lifted others when climbing the corporate ladder. Be prepared to be blown away by her inspirational speech!

1115-1245 BIPOC Mariner Panel Discussion : No “One Size Fits All” Language to Talk About Race & Ethnicity

The Women Offshore Community is made up of a diverse group of seafarers and offshore workers, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). It is not a term intended to group minorities together, as there is no one size fits all language when it comes to talk about race, but rather it is intended to center the experiences of Black and Indigenous groups and demonstrate solidarity between communities of color. On this panel, hear from BIPOC members of the Community as they share their different perspectives of working on the water and how they want the industry to change to be more inclusive.

  • Moderator: Buki Hough, Assistant Manager, Marine Personnel, SEASPAN
  • Panelist: Krissy Murray Coordinator, Education & Workforce, Maritime Technology & Training Center, San Jacinto Maritime College
  • Panelist: Elijah Herrman, 3rd Mate, Chevron
  • Panelist: Tori Jones, 3rd Mate & Women Offshore Board Secretary
  • Panelist: Angela Bueno, Licensed Chief Engineer N/A
  • Panelist: Jackie Renton, Chief Officer, BC Ferries

1245-1600 Lounge Table Discussions

Networking with other attendees in the virtual lounge! Tables will be open for the afternoon!

Tuesday, October 11th

0900-1000 Meditation with Karen Lee

Working offshore can be challenging and stressful. Spending even a few minutes in meditation can help restore your calm and inner peace. It’s a simple exercise that can help anyone, anywhere, requiring no special equipment. Join Karen Lee of Yoga with Karen for this meditation session.

1000-1115 Enter a Brave Space: Women Offshore’s SAVE Program Roundtable Discussion

It is no secret that women working in offshore environments have experienced interpersonal violence encompassing a spectrum of psychological, physical, and sexual harm including but not limited to gaslighting, stalking, bullying, physical assault, and sexual assault. A climate and culture where these adverse behaviors from harassment to assault occur contributes to an increase in sexual violence. Women Offshore’s Sexual Assault and Violence Eradication (S.A.V.E.) Program is a brave space to find reporting and support resources. Learn about the SAVE Program and what it offers to the Women Offshore Community and maritime industry.

1115-1215 Victim Support Presentation with RAINN

RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, provide information about sexual misconduct in ways that bolster victim-centered, trauma-informed understanding across the Women Offshore community, acknowledging the impact and experiences of survivors in the maritime industry, and to share resources that are available to anyone who has been affected by sexual misconduct, whether directly or indirectly.

1230-1330 SAVE Program Fireside Chat with Admiral Wayne Arguin, USCG

Rear Admiral Wayne Arguin serves as the Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, and is responsible for the development of national policy, standards, and programs promoting Marine Safety, Security and Environmental Stewardship at the USCG. During this session, SAVE Program Coordinator Christine MacMillan of Women Offshore will interview Admiral Arguin about his role in the USCG and recent and upcoming changes related to preventing and responding to sexual assault and sexual harassment.

1330-1600 Lounge Table Discussions

Networking with other attendees in the virtual lounge! Tables will be open for the afternoon!

Wednesday, October 12th

1000-1115 Keynote: Admiral Ann Phillips, Maritime Administrator, MARAD

Rear Admiral Ann Phillips, US Navy (Ret.) was sworn in as the 20th Administrator for the Department of Transportation Maritime Administration on May 16, 2022. As head of the Maritime Administration, Phillips advises and assists the Secretary of Transportation on commercial maritime matters, to include the movement of goods, supply chain, as well as the U.S. maritime industry, environment and compliance, ports and waterways infrastructure, and strategic sealift. Hear from Admiral Phillips and learn from her experiences. She will share how she has empowered others throughout her impressive career.

1115-1245 LGBTQIA+ Panel Discussion for an Inclusive Industry

In collaboration with Crowley, this panel discussion is for mariners who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual and/or ally to network and discuss common issues and challenges. Learn from the panelists how the industry can be more inclusive and what can be done to encourage allyship and awareness of issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community. Join this session to support LGBTQIA+ members of the maritime industry!

  • Moderator: Jenny Johnson, Labor Relations, Recruiting, Manager Crowley
  • Panelist: Mark Curtis, Director, Emergency Prepardness, Crowley
  • Panelist: Marissa Cap, 1st A/E Engineer, Crowley
  • Panelist: Kami Bucholz, Chief Mate, Crowley
  • Panelist: Elijah Hermann, 3rd Mate, Chevron
  • Panelist: Jackie Gunning, Director of Training/Port Captain, G&H Towing Company

1245-1600 Lounge Table Discussions 

Networking with other attendees in the virtual lounge! Tables will be open for the afternoon!

Thursday, October 13th

1000-1115 Keynote: Captain Jeanne Ferrer, Maritime Pilot, Louisiana State Commissioned Crescent River Port

Captain Jeanne Ferrer, a lifelong native of New Orleans, graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in 2006, as a Logistics and Intermodal Transportation major.  She holds a United States Naval Reserve Officer Commission as well as a USCG Master unlimited license and a First Class Pilot License of unlimited tonnage on the Lower Mississippi River. After a decade of sea time aboard deep-sea cargo vessels and offshore supply vessels, Jeanne departed her Master position to serve as a Louisiana State Commissioned Crescent River Port Pilot. In addition to her pilot commission, she also serves as a Commissioner for the St. Bernard Port, Terminal, and Harbor District overseeing the Port’s operations and economic development. Hear from Captain Ferrer and learn about her exciting career! Be inspired by her lessons learned!

1115-1245 Men As Allies Panel Discussion: Open and Candid Dialogue to Normalize the Conversation on Gender Issues

Allies are deeply invested in challenging and disrupting the status quo, dismantling systemic inequities, and shifting the power structure within an organization. Allyship is a practice, embedded within a person’s commitment to equity. On this panel, male allies come together for an open and candid conversation on how they work publicly and privately to change workplace practices, cultures, and policies that negatively impact women and marginalized groups on the water.

  • Moderator: Cassi Laskowski, Executive Director, Women Offshore Foundation
  • Panelist: Gary Frommelt, Vice President, City Cruises
  • Panelist: James Werner, Port Captain, Kirby
  • Panelist: Ian Faulkner, SMB Account Executive, The Mom Project
  • Panelist: Jamie Cleveland, President, Blue Water Scholarship Fund
  • Panelist Dan Bridgeman, Pilot, San Francisco Bar Pilots

1300-1400 Moms Offshore Panel Discussion: What it was like to go back to their Vessels

Almost no one bats an eye when a new father packs up his bags to head offshore for a hitch, however women are almost always steered towards an onshore career when even considering planning a family. Women Offshore’s Community knows that several moms work offshore and that there are many benefits to being a working mom on the water. Hear from these moms with sea-going jobs, and learn how they manage their careers and families.

  • Moderator: Ally Cedeno, Founder & President, Women Offshore Foundation
    Panelist: Lucy Hill, 2nd Officer
    Panelist: Charlene Hipsky, Chief Mate
    Panelist: Catherine Parson, Mooring Master Pilot, Chevron
    Panelist: Heather Enness, Master Mariner
    Panelist: Jeanne Ferrer, Harbor Pilot, New Orleans Pilot

1245-1600 Lounge Table Discussions

Networking with other attendees in the virtual lounge! Tables will be open for the afternoon!

Friday, October 14th

1000-1115 Lift as You Climb Workshop with Sharon Prezler, Athena’s Voice

In the Lift as You Climb Workshop, Sharon Preszler highlights the challenges women face in male-dominated careers – establishing credibility, fighting bias, and establishing effective mentoring relationships. She discusses the value of mentoring relationships and some of the obstacles we need to overcome as mentors and mentees. Sharon’s interactive workshop is based on her experiences as the first woman to fly the F-16 in the US Air Force and will provide opportunities for audience participation.

1115-1215 Closing Keynote: Noemie Tilghman, Partner, Deloitte Consulting

As the Women Offshore Conference comes to a close, Noemie Tilghman will take the virtual stage! Noemie currently serves as Deloitte Consulting’s National Oil, Gas & Chemicals (OG&C) Sector Leader, bringing the full suite of Deloitte’s capabilities to the OG&C Marketplace to enable her clients to succeed in today’s ever-changing environment. She has spent her career working closely with her clients to drive transformational change supported by innovative solutions and insights to tackle their toughest issues which includes navigating the Energy Transition. Noemie will share lessons learned from her career. Learn how she climbed the corporate ladder while lifting up those around her so they are empowered to achieve their career dreams too!

1230-1300 Wave Maker Award Presentation and Closing Comments

Each year at the end of the Women Offshore Conference, the Wave Maker Award is presented to acknowledge a community member for pursuing their career dreams, while supporting others who work on the water. Nominations were summitted from all over the world over the last several weeks. Nominees were described as “role models” and “inspiring leaders.” They have strived to better themselves, their crews, and their companies. Attend this session to see the award presentation and hear from this years award recipient! Also awarded at this time will be the winners of the conference contests and leadership board!

1300-1600 Lounge Table Discussions 

Networking with other attendees in the virtual lounge! Tables will be open for the afternoon!

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