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Women Offshore Inclusion Summit 2022

Agenda, August 3rd

Join Women Offshore virtually on August 3rd, from 10am to 4pm Central Time (Houston), for our Summit! This is the first event of it’s kind in the maritime industry that will guide you through what’s needed to build belonging through policy, and explore topics in allyship.

Attendees will receive access to the platform on August 1st. All sessions will be recorded. Attendees will have access to the recording for 30 days post event. Contact Ally Cedeno at ally@womenoffshore.org with any questions.

Below, view the agenda. All times listed below are in Central Time (Houston).


1000 – 1015  Welcome Remarks by Women Offshore’s Founder, Ally Cedeno and Executive Director, Cassi Laskowksi

1015 – 1115  “Drive Gender Balance,” with Claire Gauthier-Watson, Principal at BCG

In 2017 and 2021, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) with the World Petroleum Congress (WPC) partnered to study oil and gas companies and how they are moving the needle towards equality in the workplace. At the Women Offshore Inclusion Summit, hear from one of the authors, Claire Gauthier-Watson, about what was learned during the study and how you can take the best practices and lessons learned back to your company.

Claire started her career in Energy 10 years ago with TOTAL, she joined BCG in 2016. Over her 7 years working at TOTAL, she alternated between headquarters and operational positions. As founding Head of TOTAL Energy Solutions Dpt., Claire developed new energies business models involving solar, energy efficiency, storage and implemented multi-million dollar businesses in Africa (Nigeria, Chad), Asia (Singapore, Myanmar) and Europe. In addition to her responsibilities, Claire developed several partnerships with Cleantech Californian start-ups (Stem) and is still involved in the startup environment worldwide. Since she joined BCG, she specialized in value chain integration and Agile large transformations at strategic and operational levels.

1115 – 1130  15-minute Break

1130 – 1245  “Creating & Sustaining an Inclusive Culture,” with Shanta Eaden, Founder & CEO, Leader’s Edge Consulting

Inclusion is an action. The session will provide the principles of inclusive leadership, and practical tips for fostering and sustaining an inclusive culture. Through interactive and engaging exercises, participants will leave with several tools to apply and sustain change.

As an enterprise change leader who brings 20+ years of expertise integrating people, process and technology to affect change, Shanta has led multinational teams in the Finance and Energy sectors. As a recognized DEI strategist, change leader and project management executive, she emphasizes trusted partnerships, and leverages her uniquely positioned background to close the gap between strategy and execution to impact organizational culture. Shanta is a sought-after DEI speaker, panelist, certified professional and inclusive behavior coach, business consultant and change leader.

1245 – 1300  15-minute Break

1300 – 1400  “Trauma Informed Response and Healing Inspired Leadership,” with Christine MacMillan, Program Coordinator, Women Offshore Foundation

For a productive work environment, modern day leaders need the skills to respond to trauma in any form. Working with a diverse population requires a constant re-evaluation of soft skills. During this session with Christine MacMillian, lean into inspired leadership techniques that can set your company apart. Christine is Women Offshore’s Program Coordinator, working tirelessly to make all seas a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to thrive. With her background rooted in the maritime industry, Christine is a critical thinker working to solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges. She believes that reducing the gender gap on board and reaching critical mass will make the sea a better place for everyone.

1400 – 1415  15-minute Break

1415 – 1530 “Becoming A Transformative Ally,” with Shantera Chatman, President, Global Culture Strategist, PowHer Consulting

In this presentation, Shantera Chatman will share the key principles of the Transformative Ally Framework and the journey to becoming an ally. Through catalytic storytelling and an interactive presentation, participants will leave with an understanding of the importance of advocacy, what it takes to support a colleague, and the need to coexist harmoniously in the workplace. Participants will also leave with concrete next steps they can take to be a better advocate or ally-in-training in their organization.

With over 20 years of professional experience, Shantera Chatman has become a successful Global Culture Strategist and community leader. Shantera graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Information & Operations Management. As a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Alum, she is noted for her significant leadership accomplishments with her clients and founding The Chatman Women’s Foundation in Houston, Texas. As President of PowHer Consulting, Shantera is known for her guiding principles, developing strong cultures, and her successful work within many Fortune 500 companies. She has worked for both large and small consulting firms servicing clients such as NASA, UNICEF, and Chevron. Shantera has led teams for her clients as they successfully rolled out various information technology (I.T.), cyber intelligence, and diversity initiatives. As a transformation specialist and project manager, Shantera has helped Fortune 500 companies engage their user community and adopt significant workplace cultural changes. Most recently, she curated The HER Way Retreat, an exclusive luxury retreat for Black female executives to gain knowledge from one another as well as indulge in self-care activities.

Shantera is a prolific writer and the author of the Transformative Ally FrameworkÒ: Advocacy, Support & Coexistence, PowHer Play: A Women’s Empowerment Guide, Embrace Resistance: How to Conquer Your Critics, and emPowHering YOU: 12 Tips to Finding Your Voice.

Shantera focuses on culture curation and building strong allies in the workplace. She weaves her experiences into powerful stories and interactive conversations that make her a sought-after speaker, consultant, and lecturer. Her thought leadership has been featured in Houston Business Journal, Inc. Magazine as well as various online platforms such as Entrepreneur.com.

1530 – 1600  Q&A with Women Offshore

Hear from Women Offshore’s Leadership, Ally Cedeno, Founder & President, and Cassi Laskowski, Executive Director, about lessons learned from the Inclusion Summit. Ask them questions about Women Offshore and what will happen next!

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