Author: Erica D'Eramo

Let’s Talk About Boundaries

“The word boundaries is scary,” mused the executive consultant sitting next to me. “Perhaps there’s a less emotional word you can use.” We were chatting about how best to frame the workshop that I had developed for women in masculine professional environments. Sitting there, on the coast of a peaceful wind-swept Greek island, that word  still managed to register a subtle blip of discomfort. Answers vary… Comments on appearance. Questions about marital status. Inquiries regarding the bearing of children, or lack thereof. Being requested to take the notes. Cursing. Being asked to cover weekends for your coworkers with families....

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So What Are The Challenges, You Ask?

This article was published in BP’s July 2016 issue of Horizon Magazine. I’ve been with BP since 2002. Since then, I’ve held field-based roles in Colorado, New Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico and Angola, and spent extensive time in the field in West Texas, Republic of Georgia and Alaska. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning every day. When asked what challenges I’ve faced, I have several observations to offer. We can safely say that women are not yet a common presence throughout much of our industry. Even in 2016, there will be people at field locations in...

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Step Up and Stand In – How to Advocate for Your Development

Sometimes moving your development forward can be a bit like jumping on a moving sidewalk or a ski lift. You have to line yourself up and pick up the pace before you can jump on board, and for many of us, those moments can be a bit jarring. We’ve all heard that our development is in our own hands. That’s a lovely concept, however, the reality is that development and growth are dependent on both the individual pushing for it as well as external stakeholders supporting it. Without either one of those, it won’t happen. Particularly for women, personal...

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