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Whether on a research vessel sailing around Antarctica, a rig braving the harsh weather in the North Sea, or a container ship flying through the Malacca Straits, the distance and remote locations are inconsequential:  We strive for our community to thrive.

It is no secret that talented women around the globe are excelling in offshore careers. We value their knowledge and admire their experiences. We also know there are many women, emerging into the field, who are looking for guidance in decision-making and navigating careers. They too, strive for excellence and look to the women in our community for support.

At Women Offshore, we believe that in order to reduce the gender gap, we must connect women seeking mentoring with experienced seafarers in this community. Our mentor program, the Women Offshore MentorSHIP, virtually connects both mentors and mentees. This program is open to women anywhere in the world who have experience or currently work on the water in the maritime or offshore oil and gas industries. Cadets are especially welcome! We invite our community to sign up!!


  • The platform is designed for use on mobile devices and available through our website menu, where pairings are made based on career aspirations.
  • A communication loop with task planning provides an organization structure to tackle challenges and achieve career goals.
  • A resource hub provides mentoring best practices and support while away at sea, including resources in harassment management and sexual assault prevention.



This means that participants are allocated a mentee or mentor within the Women Offshore community for 6 months at a time. It is recommended to engage in 3-6 mentoring sessions within this time. At the end of the 6 months, a participant can choose to opt out and take a break or continue on and be matched with a new mentee or mentor! 

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