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Women Offshore's Corporate Membership Program

Become a Corporate Member of the Women Offshore Foundation.

At Women Offshore, we pride ourselves on providing support to individuals and companies alike with the shared goal of ensuring all careers on the water, including offshore and seagoing careers, are safe for everyone.

No company is perfect. We acknowledge companies that are taking the steps to progress, improve, and encourage a safer, more diverse, and inclusive workplace. We know these steps and changes may seem small, but small steps are just the beginning of the journey to equality on the water. We are hopeful for the future and enthused by companies who have come alongside us in this effort.

New in 2022, we launched the AllySHIP Program for corporate members to work with our leadership, obtain insights from the community, and explore topics in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to empower women’s careers.

Corporate members have two options to choose from, Advocate or Supporter. Each tier comes with a digital badge to utilize on company materials, as well as several benefits.

Proceeds from AllySHIP Memberships will support the Women Offshore Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and its programs. 2022 programs focus on mentorship, career development, and sexual assault and violence eradication.


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