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Women Offshore’s Career support Programs Emerges Women into Meaningful Careers in the Maritime & Offshore Industries.



Women Offshore is seeking motivated women+ to submit their application for our Career Development Program.

Currently open to US citizens, the Women Offshore Foundation Career Development Program will take applicants through a 1-month personal development series that will ask tough questions to determine suitability for an exciting career in the maritime or offshore industries.

Once accepted into the program, candidates will build a roadmap to success with our program coordinator. The program will cover costs associated with obtaining entry-level credentials.

While this program is only open to US citizens currently, the Women Offshore Foundation is looking to expand the program to recruit and support women+ careers in other countries.



scholarship application

US State Academy Training Cruise Scholarships

This scholarship is designed to provide funds to women+ who are interested in pursuing a career on the water. 

Eligibility Requirements:
-Must be a full time student at a US State Maritime Academy
-Must be in a licensed major program
*now CLOSED*

Selections will be made by February 1, 2024


Get personal coaching

Christine MacMillian is an experienced mariner who is passionate about helping women+ navigate careers on the water. 

As the Director of Career Support Programs, Christine manages and oversees the organization’s programs and initiatives to propel women+ into meaningful careers in the maritime and offshore industries.

Are you looking for resume writing help, interview prep practice, job search advice, and networking requests? Contact Christine MacMillan at [email protected] with any questions.

Catapulting Your Career Ashore

This course covers 4 topics that the Women Offshore Foundation thinks you should consider when you are planning to move into a shoreside career. Hear from our Director of Career Support and many other seafarers who have the tools you need to make that transition. After each video, you will find follow-up questions that we want you to consider for yourself. This course is here for you to use and contemplate what is right for you in your own life.

This course is completely FREE and available for you to watch at your own pace. Click “Watch Here” to watch the series on YouTube and subscribe to our channel to not miss anymore career videos that are published.


Lesson 1: Understanding Your Emotions while Catapulting Your Career Ashore with Miriam Anthony

Lesson 2: Financial Readiness For A Career Transition Ashore with T.G. Taylor

Lesson 3: Career Transition Advice For Going Ashore with Captain Tuuli Messer Bookman

Lesson 4: What If’s While Going Ashore with Christine MacMillan

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