Author: Sita Syal

Responding to Gender Adversity: Is Anger the Answer?

Having worked offshore, I can confidently say that gender adversity is a very real challenge for women at sea.  More often than not, my first reaction is to get angry when someone says something inappropriate.  But, are there situations when anger may not be the best reaction? During one rotation offshore, I stepped off the helicopter to walk straight into a large government audit.  This audit was a very involved process with 3rd party auditors, a team from the office to serve as ‘handlers’ for these auditors, and multiple interview sessions for the leadership to attend. I wasn’t originally...

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Self-Care: It’s the Little Things That Count

The pace of offshore life in operations can be exhausting. The shifts are long and require intense focus for days on end. You are also away from your family and friends for days and weeks at a time.The spaces are enclosed, and sometimes feel prison-like. Once, I had a colleague/friend/fellow engineer who described offshore as a “prison on water”. When I first started going offshore, I observed some of my engineer colleagues, particularly male, completely give up their entire personal life for a whole rotation to dive into their work.  This mentality, for obvious reasons, completely freaked me out...

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