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This GivingTuesday, support the Women Offshore Career Development Program to propel careers on the water! Your gift is important and is tax deductible!

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Your Support is Needed to Reduce the Gender Gap

We are making waves. The Women Offshore Foundation propels women+ into meaningful careers through access to a worldwide community and professional development resources, while raising awareness amongst industry leaders and decision makers about issues affecting women on the water.

Through the Women Offshore Career Development Program, women+ are propelled into jobs on the water and supported to go after their career dreams! In June 2022, the program was opened to the public. 20 candidates worked with our program coordinator to pursue careers on the water. 5 job placements were made at maritime companies in offshore jobs, and $7,000 in scholarships were awarded!

2022 Program Highlights

 20 Career Development Program Candidates

$7,000 Scholarships Awarded

5 Job Placements in under 5 Months!

These numbers are great, but we want to do more!

We want to help more women obtain jobs on the water! We want to do more and need YOUR help to do so! Help us propel 50 women into careers on the water in 2023! Your donation will go towards the Women Offshore Career Development Program, where our candidates achieve entry-level credentials and certificates to then work on the water!

Meet a Development Program Candidate!

“I am getting ready to work on a vessel for the first time and I am so grateful to have Women Offshore with me in this process! I have met incredible women from this community so far and they are inspiring role models to imitate! Thank you WO for the help and encouragement! I am forever indebted for your hard work to help bring women like me to this amazing industry! I am excited for this new adventure at sea and become a role model to the rising female mariners!”

Massiel Leon

2022 Candidate, Women Offshore Career Development Program

For 2023, help Women Offshore make an even larger impact!

Women Offshore seeks your support this GivingTuesday to raise $10,000 for its Career Development Program! Our 2023 goals are to assist 50 women+ to achieve their entry-level credentials and certificates and place them in jobs on the water!

Any donation towards our goal is helpful and your gift is tax deductible. Please donate below. Reach out to with any questions.

UPDATE! Thank you to everyone who gave for GivingTuesday 2022! We achieved our goal! We look forward to using this money to impact the careers of women+ in our Career Development Program in 2023!

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