Droneship Recovery Engineer


At SpaceX the West Coast Recovery team is home to a great team in charge of recovering rockets from space! That includes everything from offshore post launch operations, maintaining the Droneship the rocket lands on, post processing the rocket, then sending it back up the coast of California to the launch site. This team is a key part of the company and we’re continuing to build a team of curious, motivated, badass people with unique perspectives. Give yourself a moment to set aside the imposter syndrome and see what your skillset could bring to the team!

As a Droneship Recovery Engineer, you will own and manage critical droneship/vessel hardware used for recovering flight hardware offshore – including droneship propulsion and other complex hydraulic systems. We’re looking for candidates with hands on experience with fluids, hydraulics, and/or high-pressurized systems. This job is mostly shore side with the ability to go offshore every few months. 

The opportunity to work at the intersection of aerospace and marine technology is so unique and exciting. If you’re interested in learning more or you know someone that would be great for the role… please apply, forward this along, or reach out with any questions. Thanks for spreading the word!

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