Whether you’re a newcomer to the seasonal workforce, or you’re an experienced traveler looking for your next adventure, Alaskan Dream Cruises and Allen Marine Tours can be your passport to the Last Frontier. Here in Alaska, we work and play where snow-capped mountains and dense rainforests meet island-studded fjords. At Alaskan Dream Cruises and Allen Marine Tours, offering ’True Alaskan Hospitality’ is our mission, and sharing the experiences of this great land & sea with our guests is our passion.  These shared experiences, moments and memories tend to turn our teams into lifelong friends. Expand your knowledge, enrich your life and add a unique chapter to your own story. If you have a great attitude, a strong work ethic and share our passion for people, you may (like many of us here at Alaskan Dream Cruises and Allen Marine Tours) come to Alaska for a summer and stay for a lifetime.

Hiring Seasonal Captain’s, Mates and many other guest-facing positions!   Apply today to learning more about spending a summer in Southeast Alaska.




Jenny Weaver

About The Author: Jenny Weaver

Having born and raised in Hawaii with cruise ships in my backyard and a daughter of a retired Navy officer, it was no surprise that life took me to sea. #seastheday

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