Month: September 2017

Beneath the Waves: The World’s First Female Submarine Captain

Norway, a NATO-member nation bordering Russia, has had a very important geostrategic role, since the onset of the Cold War, with the Soviet Union in the late 1940s. In virtually every conventional World War III–scenario of the 1950s through the 1990s, it was assumed that the Soviets would launch a two-pronged assault against NATO: A main attack into West Germany, with a flanking maneuver from the Russian Arctic into northern Norway. Any Soviet attack on Norway would have included amphibious operations along the latter’s long, fjord-indented coastline. Keenly aware of this threat, Norway – while perhaps better known for...

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Rig Administrator Melissa Harris

Meet Melissa Harris from Charleston, South Carolina. Melissa is a graduate of Trident Technical College with an A.A. in Public Service, and is also a graduate of Limestone College with a B.A. in Criminal Justice. Melissa has experience working as a 911 Operator, Administrative Specialist for County Council, and an Administrative & Field Specialist for a State Probation/Parole Department. She currently works as a Rig Administrator (rig admin) on a drillship in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) with around 5 years of offshore work experience. As a rig admin, Melissa’s duties include tracking over 180 employee’s work schedules. She organizes...

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Responding to Gender Adversity: Is Anger the Answer?

Having worked offshore, I can confidently say that gender adversity is a very real challenge for women at sea.  More often than not, my first reaction is to get angry when someone says something inappropriate.  But, are there situations when anger may not be the best reaction? During one rotation offshore, I stepped off the helicopter to walk straight into a large government audit.  This audit was a very involved process with 3rd party auditors, a team from the office to serve as ‘handlers’ for these auditors, and multiple interview sessions for the leadership to attend. I wasn’t originally...

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An African Whale’s Tail

Based on the title of this article, you may think we are going to tell you a story about the whales who frequent Africa’s coast.  Or that we are about to tell you some incredible stories of how, during the summer months, humpback whales leave the cold waters of Antarctica to enjoy the warmer waters, off the shores of Angola, Africa. We may go into great detail on the playfulness of the male whales, as they show off for their ladies, during certain months for their annual breeding ceremonies. Or, how our co-workers call each over the public announcement system,...

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Dynamic Positioning Operator Amanda Locke

Meet Amanda Locke, from Merrimac, Massachusetts. Amanda works offshore for a major drilling contractor in the Gulf of Mexico and is a graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation. Amanda has worked on the water for 8 years and currently holds both a Chief Mate License for working on unlimited tonnage vessels and an Unlimited Dynamic Positioning Certificate. Amanda is currently a dynamic positioning operator (DPO) on a drillship.  Her main duty is to monitor the vessel’s station keeping capabilities to ensure her vessel remains in position during drilling operations, regardless of the environmental conditions...

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