Month: September 2017

Circuit Workout, Leg Day Edition

This follow-up to the first routine I posted here, will have your legs screaming! True Grit Fitness – the fitness business I own with my husband, Kent – has solutions for any fitness level. It even has an entire routine of workouts that are ideally suited for performing offshore. The Resolution.12 Trainer developed as a need for a total body transformation program; twelve weeks long, broken up into four distinct training blocks: Adventure, Brave, Conviction, and Dedication. However, it is the second training block, Brave, which focuses on full body function training that’s perfect for taking offshore with you. Brave...

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Chief Officer Bree Bennett

Meet Bree Bennett, a graduate of California Maritime Academy, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation with a Minor in Marine Science. Women Offshore originally met Bree when she was a cadet at Cal Maritime over a decade ago, and it has been exciting to hear about Bree’s career navigating the globe since. Bree is currently the Chief Officer on the University of Washington’s School of Oceanography research vessel, R/V Thomas G Thompson. Women Offshore caught up with Chief Officer Bree in Seattle to take a tour of the Thompson before the vessel departs for research work off the...

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Offshore Wind Farms: Blowing in the Winds of Change

Get swept up with the women working in the latest renewable energy resource sector – Offshore Wind Farms. Those that work in the Energy Sector can have a bad reputation to the environmentally-conscientious global community, as we are frequently labelled, ‘The Pillagers and Plunderers’ of Earth’s natural resources. The quality of life that the global population is now afforded, comes with great ecological sacrifice:  The necessitous need to ‘feed the beast’ that propels attempts to quench our insatiable, consumeristic thirst for new technological innovations.  Offshore wind farms have pulled ahead of the long line of industries who are attempting...

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Self-Care: It’s the Little Things That Count

The pace of offshore life in operations can be exhausting. The shifts are long and require intense focus for days on end. You are also away from your family and friends for days and weeks at a time.The spaces are enclosed, and sometimes feel prison-like. Once, I had a colleague/friend/fellow engineer who described offshore as a “prison on water”. When I first started going offshore, I observed some of my engineer colleagues, particularly male, completely give up their entire personal life for a whole rotation to dive into their work.  This mentality, for obvious reasons, completely freaked me out...

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BOP Field Engineer Heather Hibbard

Meet Heather Hibbard from Bixby, Oklahoma. Heather has a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering with a Minor in Chemistry from the University of Tulsa. She currently works as a BOP (Blow-Out Preventer) Field Engineer in the offshore oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico. Her work on deepwater drillships supports drilling, completions, and workover (maintenance) operations by ensuring that BOP equipment is capable of performing as designed in well control operations. Heather works closely with subsea engineers to verify that the BOPs are properly maintained and tested per original equipment manufacturer, industry, and contractor requirements. Women Offshore connected with Heather to find out more...

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