Month: December 2017

That Rascally Job Hunt

Looking for a job in the marine industries is nothing like it once was. Job seekers are harder pressed to find work, while getting any interaction from companies.   Knowing I might be dating myself like an old salt, I freelanced a few times and worked for companies the rest of my career. As a freelancer, I remember picking jobs off a list based on how much fun I’d thought they’d be. I also remember a time when I could call a company up, ask for a person, and tell them I needed a job. Getting a meeting was as...

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Environmental Officer Angela Sampson

Meet Angela Sampson from Plymouth, Massachusetts. Angela has a Bachelor’s Degree from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Marine Safety and Environmental Protection, as well as a Master’s Degree from University of Edinburgh in Scotland in Environmental Sustainability. Angela worked as an Environmental Officer for 6 years on cruise ships. She took her experience ashore recently to become an Environmental Health and Safety Engineer at a toy company. We caught up with Angela to learn about her time on cruise ships, as the first American female officer in her fleet: Angela, what inspired you to work on the water? “My Dad is...

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A Healthy Holiday Season

Fitting fitness into your daily routine can be difficult at any time of the year. Add working offshore, or in an office, along with holiday parties, family visits, and travel, and it can feel nearly impossible to hit the gym. Aweigh-Fitness is here to give some tips to a healthy holiday season! Diet There’s something that’s so nostalgic about holiday goodies.  The warm apple pies, homemade cookies, holiday parties and the favorite family recipes that flow over the dining room table during the holiday feasts. It is very easy to say, “I never get to eat these foods, I can...

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Assistant Drilling Supervisor Kamia Craveiro

Meet Kamia Espirito Santo Craveiro from Luanda, Angola. Kamia has a Master’s Degree in Geological and Mining Engineering and currently works in the offshore Angolan oilfields. As an Assistant Drilling and Completion Supervisor, Kamia assists the Drilling and Completion Supervisor with drilling operations by monitoring drilling parameters and the hole cleaning, while tracking performance key indicators (PKIs). Her other tasks include overseeing drilling equipment coming to and from the rig. We were fortunate to connect with Kamia through one of our guest bloggers, Craig Gary, who worked with Kamia in Angola. Kamia has worked offshore for nearly two years...

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