Fitting fitness into your daily routine can be difficult at any time of the year. Add working offshore, or in an office, along with holiday parties, family visits, and travel, and it can feel nearly impossible to hit the gym.

Aweigh-Fitness is here to give some tips to a healthy holiday season!


There’s something that’s so nostalgic about holiday goodies.  The warm apple pies, homemade cookies, holiday parties and the favorite family recipes that flow over the dining room table during the holiday feasts.

It is very easy to say, “I never get to eat these foods, I can indulge a bit,” or “I will work it off after the holidays are over and get back on track.”  That thought process can quickly lead to not just one slice of pie, but two or three when you’re already full.

Now, we are not saying do not indulge in any of the delicious treats, but we are saying is to take a second and think about how many of those treats do you need?

A good approach to a healthy holiday is the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of choices are healthy and 20 percent are fun and indulgent.  It’s a way to feel fulfilled and enjoy some special treats without totally derailing your lifestyle.  For the next big holiday meal try filling your plate with 80 percent healthy foods (roasted vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains) and the remaining 20 percent with whatever you want!

Here are a few other tips and tools:

▪ Rest up! Research shows that a bad night’s sleep can lead to poor eating choices the next day – maybe even an extra 300 calories, which add up quickly over a week.

▪ Use smaller plates. We tend to fill up the space we have on a plate.  Using a smaller salad or appetizer plate can make a big difference.

▪ Eat a small but filling meal or large snack before you go to a party.

▪ Stand more than an arm’s length away from tempting treats and snack foods.

▪ If you’re going to have an alcoholic drink, choose a conscious cocktail like a vodka and soda water!

▪ Don’t feel pressured to eat or drink something just because someone offers it or encourages you to indulge.  It is perfectly fine to politely decline!


The holiday season is full of obstacles:  being tired, trying to find time between entertaining guests, or packing for your trip.  Here are a couple of Aweigh-Fitness tips to help stay active!

▪ Commit to a scheduled workout class.  This way it is known to your visitors that at this certain time you will be making your Cross Fit, Hot Yoga or Zumba class!

▪ Wake up early before a flight, or before your company wakes up to get your workout in!

▪ Find something fun to do with everyone.  Walking along the beach, snowshoeing, going for hikes or a fun family burpee challenge.

▪ Add in a little extra cardio during your lunch break at work!

▪ Join a step challenge!  These can be fun and a killer workout. When the owners of Aweigh-Fitness get challenged, it is not a rare sight to see our Fitbits at 40,000 steps!

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Brigitte Hagen.Peter

About The Author: Brigitte Hagen.Peter

Brigitte is a guest blogger for Women Offshore. She is also a Co-CEO of Aweigh-Fitness, a comprehensive health and wellness program dedicated to the maritime and yachting industry, and currently holds a USCG Chief Mate License for working on unlimited tonnage vessels. Brigitte uses her passions for fitness and the maritime industry to empower women to work on the water.

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