From a family of longshoremen in Southern California, Haley Brady is making waves on a tugboat in Alaska.

Meet Haley Brady from San Pedro, California. Haley earned her AB Limited and QMED credentials at Job Corps’s Seamanship Program in Astoria, Oregon. Job Corp’s Seamanship Program is a free education, lasting 18-24 months. Students gain skills in steering vessels and operating navigational instruments, maintaining and repairing engines, survival techniques, and responding to emergency situations.

Growing up in San Pedro in a family of longshoremen, Haley was drawn to one day work on the water. She is the first person in her family to have a career offshore, something she is very proud of. For the past two years since completing the program in Astoria, Haley has worked on tugboats in Alaska, transporting mostly petroleum products along the coast.

As Haley gains experience, she is inspired to take on more responsibilities. She started out as a deckhand, and recently, was promote to AB Seaman. Haley also earned her Tankerman Person-In-Charge credential. To achieve this, Haley assisted 9 discharges and loads of petroleum products.

Life on tugboats is both challenging and exciting. Haley has a great appreciation for her job and the people she works with. “I learn something new every single day. I work with amazing people day-in and day-out. I am blessed to make a good, honest living for myself at just 22 years old.”

Haley believes that nearly anyone can find a worthwhile career at sea. She recommends anyone thinking about a career on the water to give it a try. Through her own career, she hopes to “inspire young women and men to always strive for their goals.” She adds, “even if you have a troubled past, work hard, be humble, and treat people kindly.”

While Haley enjoys working as an AB Seaman, she looks forward to more opportunities to study seamanship and upgrade her AB credential to a mate’s license one day. Here at Women Offshore, we are excited to see where Haley takes her career next and anticipate the day when she is a tugboat captain!

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