On today’s episode, Christine gets to speak with Cassidy Patton from Ketchikan, Alaska, who grew up in a fishing community that inspired her to seek out a career at sea.  She shares all about the Alaska Marine Highway System, along with diving into her interesting story of growing up in Alaska and her experience in the maritime world.

Cassidy attended the California Maritime Academy, graduated in 2017, and started her career as a mate at Alaska Marine Highway. Sailing as a mate with AMHS was a unique experience involving advanced ship handling, navigating narrow waterways, and obtaining Alaskan pilotage. She drew over 20 charts for earning Southeast Alaska pilotage which is a lengthy and challenging process. This doesn’t even cover the breathtaking scenery she sees daily – from glaciers and killer whales to tall, snowcapped mountains. She is grateful to have ended up in this corner of the maritime world.
She sailed as a mate for six years and recently made the decision to move shoreside. So far, she is happy she made the leap. She was able to become a Port Captain for AMHS back here in Ketchikan, where she is learning a lot in terms of the regulatory and business side of maritime.

She is 25% Alaska Native and a member of the Tongass Tribe. She was raised by strong and confident women, and throughout her experience in the maritime, she has met a lot of women who share those characteristics. She owes them big for influencing her and encouraging her to pursue this crazy career at sea. This is a really interesting story and insight that you don’t want to miss! Have a listen today.

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