In this episode of Women Offshore, join Chelsea Patterson, a maritime professional who advocates for mothers working at sea. Chelsea graduated from Kings Point in 2014 and has since navigated her career through roles with a private tanker company before transitioning to the Masters Mates Pilots (MMP) in 2018. Balancing her passion for the maritime industry with motherhood, Chelsea has temporarily paused sailing to raise her children, Harlie Wild and Keegan Danger.

Despite stepping back from sea duties, Chelsea remains actively engaged in maritime affairs through her role as the Women’s Caucus East Coast Liaison based out of Newark Hall. The Women’s Caucus, a driving force for women’s rights and professional development in maritime, supports networking and open discussions on pertinent women’s issues in the industry.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, and now residing in New Jersey, Chelsea channels her entrepreneurial spirit into Tiny’s Potions, a small organic syrup business she runs in her free time.

In her advocacy work, Chelsea focuses on improving conditions for mothers offshore. She advocates for essential accommodations such as safe and private spaces for pumping, access to satellite phones, assistance with shipping breast milk home, secure storage facilities for breast milk, and adequate leave policies with job security. Chelsea actively engages with large ships, advocating for these crucial changes and championing the rights of mothers working onboard.

Tune in to hear Chelsea’s compelling journey and her impactful efforts to make offshore work more inclusive and supportive for mothers in the maritime industry.

If you would like to contact Chelsea directly, you can email her at [email protected] or on Instagram. You can also find her on LinkedIn.

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