Congrats to the 2020 Women Offshore Wave Maker Award Winner, Captain Makhosi Mbokazi from South Africa!

On Friday at the 3rd annual Women Offshore Conference, the 2020 Wave Maker Award was presented virtually to acknowledge someone for pursuing their career dreams, while supporting others who work on the water. Nominations were summitted from all over the world over the past 7 months. Nominees were described as “role models” and “inspiring leaders,” striving to better themselves, their crews, and their companies.

Captain Makhosi Mbokazi from South Africa stood out in the list of nominations. Described as a committed person, responsible and very dedicated to her work, she leads others with passion and to make a difference in their lives.

While offshore on limited WIFI, Captain Mbokazi called into the conference to accept the award. She shared how surprised and honored she was to receive it and be acknowledged by the community.

For Captain Mbokazi, mentoring others to have a similar career path to hers is important. She does not want to see them struggle to make a career like she did. “My passion is to help people and I use my experience and knowledge to help and mentor those who are new in the industry and come from disadvantaged backgrounds in Africa like me…This is an area I struggled with quite a bit when I started in the industry because I come from a background that knew nothing about shipping or maritime at all. As a student I knew I wanted to work in an environment where I could travel and meet different people from all over the world I just never knew the kind of challenges I would face. I don’t want the same for those coming after me.”

Captain Mbokazi has worked on the water for 13 years. She has a diploma in maritime studies from the Durban University of Technology and holds licenses as an unlimited chief officer and 500-ton master. Mbokazi has experience on container ships, patrol boats, research vessels, drilling vessels, and offshore supply vessels. She has also worked ashore as a vessel coordinator and marine coordinator for Fugro and Maersk respectively in the operations department.

Previous Women Offshore Wave Maker Award recipients have been women in the maritime and offshore energy industries; Captain Sherri Hickman from the Houston Pilots, Delfina Govia from Veritas Total Solutions, Janelle Daniel from Transocean, and Captain Jaquelyn Burton from KONGSBERG.

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