WomenOffshore is excited to announce that Job Propeller, a resume writing service for marine professionals, was launched in May of 2017!

Founded by Sheila Lafleur to provide industry specific resume writing services to shore side and seagoing maritime professionals, Job Propeller is the first of its kind.

Sheila has helped hundreds of job seekers propel their careers while working as a maritime recruiter for 8 years.

Job Propeller founder, Sheila Lafleur.

“I identified one major area in which marine industry professionals were lacking; I saw very few well-written resumes. Many qualified candidates did not secure the interview because they didn’t effectively translate their experience into a targeted and well-crafted resume. A resume should be tailored to display a candidate’s qualifications, in order to successfully land an interview AND a job.” Sheila says.

Before working as a maritime recruiter, Sheila graduated from California Maritime Academy in 2002 and sailed the deep sea for 7 years aboard tankers, tugs, break-bulk and multi-product vessels to hold a USCG Unlimited Masters License.

Sheila is recognized by the industry. In 2015, she received the ‘Rising Star Award’ by the California Maritime Academy for her work as a maritime career accelerator.

‘Employers only spend 6 seconds reviewing a resume.’

Sheila’s candidates secure interviews by effectively translating their experience into a targeted and well-crafted resume. Employers only spend 6 seconds reviewing a resume, but Sheila has perfected the art of making the right information stand out to HR recruiters and hiring mangers.

Sheila’s clients appreciate her ability to personally identify with their work experience.

At Job Propeller, Sheila translates work history into a customized, professional, and industry-specific resume. She recognizes that changing positions can be a stressful experience and that having to write your own resume can be time consuming and frustrating.

The highlight of Sheila’s workday is sending clients the finished product and hearing astonishment in their voice when they exclaim, “WOW!!! I can’t believe this is me!” Sheila states, “I find that most people don’t recognize just how incredibly accomplished they are and it really gives them that extra boost of confidence going into the interview and securing their desired job when they feel good about their resume.”

Job Propeller also offers assistance in interview coaching, cover letter preparation, LinkedIn profile editing, and HR consulting.

Find out more about Job Propeller‘s services at www.jobpropeller.com




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