On today’s podcast, we have the Turkey Women Offshore Ambassador, Captain Ayse Asli Basak, on the show. Ayse shares with Christine about her journey working offshore and now what her current ashore career life looks like.

Ayse Asli Basak is a seasoned maritime entrepreneur and innovator, having founded maritime start-up Shipsider to streamline commercial operations with smart, modular AI systems, optimizing efficiency and sustainability. With over 6 years of experience as a cargo ship Captain, navigating oceans worldwide, she brings unique insights into maritime technical and commercial operations. Ayse has held roles as Port Captain, Shipping Operations Manager, Safety Superintendent, and a certified Marine Inspector. Recognized for her leadership, Ayse is actively involved in various maritime associations and is passionate about empowering women in the industry. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Maritime Transport Engineering and a Master’s degree in International Trade & Logistics Management, with expertise in strategic management and innovation. Ayse’s vision extends beyond entrepreneurship; she champions digitalization in maritime operations and is known for her innovative social projects, including the award-winning “SeaCode” app to combat harassment at sea. Ayse’s achievements have been celebrated globally, including being named a Top 100 Female Founder in Ocean & Energy and recognized in the 40 Under 40 Professionals List at the Belgium Maritime Breakbulk Event.

This is a very unique and inspiring podcast that you don’t want to miss!

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