In today’s episode, Christine talks with Larkin Bohn about how she started her offshore career at the age of 31 and has the message, “Anything is Possible!”

Starting in the gift shop department of Norwegian Cruise Lines, she fell in love with life at sea but yearned for a more hands-on role. Through networking and learning on the job, she became an unlicensed deckhand on adventure passenger vessels.

Her passion for marine conservation led her to become a science communicator, creating videos showcasing offshore work. Now, she is joining the JOIDES Resolution Research Vessel as a Science Outreach Officer.

She is also starting to explore the recruiting world, so she can play a more direct and pivotal role in getting as many passionate women out on the water as she can! Check out her adventures on her Instagram @larkinbohn, Tik Tok @limitlesslarkin, and YouTube @My Salty Sea Life, and she said to reach out to her with any questions! She’d love to help you start your mariner career!

Her main message is that anyone can achieve their dreams, and she’s also exploring recruiting to help more women enter the maritime industry. Follow her adventures on social media, as she believes “Anything is possible!”

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