In today’s episode, Christine talks with Lieutenant Junior Grade (Lt. j.g) Alice Beittel, who is a commissioned officer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps (NOAA Corps), currently serving as the Advanced Survey Technology Officer at the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center in San Diego. She shares what the NOAA Corps does, shares incredible history about the first women who worked for NOAA, and shares how she stays passionate about the industry. Alice says if you are interested in adventure, science, or teamwork, you will want to check out NOAA for possible work because they have it all, and it is very rewarding work. They have great benefits like longer parental leave, station change reimbursement, pet reimbursement, other well-being reimbursements, travel allowance, and increased health/wellness benefits. 

Previously, Alice served on the NOAA Ship Rainier as a deck watch officer and hydrographic surveyor. During her time with NOAA Ship Rainier, she conducted ship seafloor mapping operations throughout southeast Alaska, Kodiak, and coral reef habitat surveys in the Mariana Islands archipelago. As an NOAA Corps officer, she wears many hats, including deck watch officer, ship navigator, hydrographer, diving officer, damage control officer, public affairs officer, and NOAA working SCUBA diver. Prior to joining the NOAA Corps, Lt. j.g. Beittel completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Management and a minor in Geographic Information Systems from the University of California, Davis. 

If you are interested in learning more:

NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations: – This one will go specifically to the Office of Marine and Aviation Operations which contains information on the NOAA Corps, our ships, aircraft, and missions. More specific to operations than just the general website.
Apply to be a NOAA Commissioned Officer (NOAA Corps):
Get in contact with a NOAA Corps Recruiter by Emailing:  [email protected]
Apply to be a NOAA Professional Mariner:

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