WomenOffshore is working with leading industry experts to bring you resources for supporting career advancement!

We have prepared several posts for our launch. We write about the challenges of offshore life, as well as stepping up within our careers as we grow and excel.

An inspiring example of growing with one’s career was written in a piece by one of our team members, Elyse Knudsen.  Elyse had been a performer with Disney On Ice before she took her career path in a completely different direction by becoming a Safety Advisor on a drillship.  Read all about her humorously inspiring lessons learned while navigating her new life as a public speaker, right here!

WomenOffshore also believes that the manner in which we spur our own career growth is by leaning into some discomfort. We cover some topics that can be difficult for men and women to talk about, such as establishing boundaries with coworkers.

WomenOffshore is a richly diverse resource platform for those working in the maritime and offshore industries. Would you like to be a contributor to Women Offshore? Join us in the conversation and send us an email at [email protected].


Women Offshore

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The Women Offshore Foundation is an online organization and resource center for a diverse workforce on the water. Its mission is to propel women into meaningful careers through access to a worldwide community and professional development resources, while raising awareness amongst industry leaders and decision makers about issues affecting women on the water. Contact Women Offshore today: [email protected].

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