365 days ago, Women Offshore set out to change our world by uniting both our fellow female mariners and offshore energy sector colleagues. That was just the beginning and we can’t wait to show you what’s next!

Exactly one year ago, we launched our website to support women in the maritime and offshore energy industries, by acknowledging and sharing the accomplishments, honoring the women who came before us, exploring health and wellness options offshore, and providing resources to foster long-term careers. Thank you to the numerous contributors who submitted articles and blog posts over the last year – you helped us grow and thrive, meeting the needs of our community.

We have been very humbled to be the voice and support system for our community, who has been with us for each and every milestone that we’ve not only reached, but exceeded. We are especially grateful that the community to envelope the site includes both women and men. The excitement and encouragement to reduce the gender gap on the water together, has propelled our team to accomplish and reach for even more.

This Weekend, We UNITE!

This weekend, we celebrate our one-year anniversary at Women Offshore’s UNITE Meet-Up in Houston, Texas. 40 women from around the world, with almost 300 years of experience combined, are flying in to support one another and share their experiences! Countries represented include Netherlands, Australia, Angola, India, Canada and the United States. We can’t wait to meet and learn from our community of talented female seafarers from across the globe.

Unveiling What’s Next

Whether on a research vessel sailing around Antarctica, on a platform braving the harsh weather in the North Sea, or a container ship flying through the Malacca Straits, the distance and remote locations are inconsequential:  We strive for our community to thrive.

It is no secret that talented women around the globe are excelling in offshore careers. We value their knowledge and admire their experiences, writing pieces almost weekly to congratulate accomplishments and pass on lessons learned. We also know there are many women, emerging into the field, who are looking for guidance in decision-making and navigating careers. They too, strive for excellence and look to the women in our featured articles to provide support.

At Women Offshore, we believe that in order to reduce the gender gap, the next step is to connect women seeking mentoring with experienced seafarers in this community. Since August of last year, our dream has been to launch a mentor program for our growing community – one that virtually connects both mentors and mentees.

Therefore, without further ado and on our first anniversary, we are pleased to unveil the Women Offshore Mentorship, a virtual peer mentoring program.

This program is open to women anywhere in the world who currently work at sea. We invite our community to sign up!!

  • The platform is designed for use on mobile devices and available through our website menu, where pairings are made based on career aspirations.
  • A communication loop with task planning provides an organization structure to tackle challenges and achieve career goals.
  • A resource hub provides mentoring best practices and support while away at sea, including resources in harassment management and sexual assault prevention.

To sign up and come on board with Women Offshore’s Mentorship, please click “join now” below.

Please note, once accepted into the program, a wait time for a mentor pairing may take up to 3 weeks as it is a custom pairing. We appreciate our community’s patience as we meet the demand to propel this program.

Please do not hesitate to send any questions or comments to [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you on board the Mentorship!

Women Offshore

About The Author: Women Offshore

The Women Offshore Foundation is an online organization and resource center for a diverse workforce on the water. Its mission is to propel women into meaningful careers through access to a worldwide community and professional development resources, while raising awareness amongst industry leaders and decision makers about issues affecting women on the water. Contact Women Offshore today: [email protected].

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