Imagine working on a drill ship on the other side of the world. At home is your newborn baby.

On the Women Offshore Podcast, Jais Curry, the director of Community Outreach, has been hosting a series on motherhood-related topics. Last episode, you learned about family planning and how one female offshore worker is using IVF to plan out her family and career. On today’s episode, hear from another woman, Carrie Norton, who has been a mom working on drill ships. While offshore, Carrie’s newborn baby was at home on the other side of the world. Carrie share’s her experiences through pregnancy and postpartum in navigating an offshore career as a working mother.

In this episode, Carrie also shares a resource for working moms who have to be away from their babies. It’s called Milk Stork. Milk Stork was inspired by breastfeeding moms who work and travel. Milk Stork is a service that ships large quantities of frozen breast milk throughout the globe. Under their services, boxes hold 90 or 180 ounces of frozen breast milk, keeping milk frozen for up to 96 hours. Additionally, one can freeze-dry breast milk, preserving milk’s vital nutrients, immune factors, and probiotics with a shelf life of three years. To learn more, visit

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