There is a pressing question among offshore and maritime industry professionals: “How do we increase the number of women in operations?”

“Recruit more women!” is often the obvious answer.

As a female with nearly 10 years of experience working on ships, I believe that recruiting is just one necessary part of a more complex answer. The rest of the solution lies in the maritime and offshore industries’ efforts in retaining those women.

‘Hard-working men champion women in operations every day.’

I have researched and spoken to professionals in both maritime and offshore industries. A cultural shift has happened: there is more movement than ever in Human Resources to bridge the gender gap, hard-working men champion women in operations every day, and diversity-promoting groups have emerged. They all seek to support a diverse workforce. At WomenOffshore, we want to shout these efforts from the top of our derricks so women know of the vast resources supporting them!

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  • Early Wave Makers: Women have long been seafaring victors. Travel in time with WomenOffshore as we explore the lives of female seafarers.

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