At the upcoming Women Offshore Conference, the Wave Maker Award will acknowledge someone in the Women Offshore Community for pursuing their career dreams, while supporting others in the industry.

Last year, the Wave Maker Award was given to Captain Makhosi Mbokazi from South Africa. She stood out in the list of nominations. Described as a committed person, responsible and very dedicated to her work, she leads others with passion to make a difference in their lives.

Today, nominate someone who has worked at sea and supported others in the industry. Winners will be announced at our conference on November 12th and will receive an award and a special gift from the Women Offshore Foundation!

To nominate someone for the 2021 Women Offshore Wave Maker Award, fill out the form below. The form will close on Tuesday, November 9th at 6pm Central Time.


Please share your email so that we may contact you if we have any further questions
Please submit here the name of the woman you would like to nominate to receive a 2020 Wave Maker Award.
To the best of your ability, please estimate the number of years your nominee worked/works at sea.
Please list the previous job titles your nominee has held, including company names. If none, please write N/A.
Please list the current title your nominee is in, including the company name. If a student, please write student.
In 1-3 paragraphs, please state why your nominee deserves a 2020 Wave Maker Award from Women Offshore.
If there is anything else you would like to share with the Women Offshore Foundation, please write it here.

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