Welcome back to our Bad Bosses mini-series on the Women Offshore Podcast. From the historical figure of Captain Bligh, known for his tyrannical leadership aboard the HMS Bounty, to more contemporary tales shared by members of our own community, we’re exploring the multifaceted nature of challenging leadership in the maritime industry.

The following story was anonymously submitted to the Women Offshore Podcast, a platform dedicated to supporting and empowering women in maritime industries. In the interest of confidentiality and to protect the identities of those involved, specific details about the vessel, shipping company, and individuals have been intentionally omitted. The narrative, though anonymized, sheds light on the complexities and challenges faced by women in maritime leadership roles. This account is shared not only to raise awareness about the unique obstacles encountered in such environments but also to serve as a learning opportunity for others in the industry.

The experiences detailed in this story offer valuable insights into the dynamics of leadership, teamwork, and communication aboard a vessel, particularly from the perspective of a female Chief Mate navigating a difficult situation with a new Captain. By examining this scenario, we aim to glean lessons that can contribute to a more inclusive, respectful, and effective maritime workplace.

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