Kate McKenna is a 2014 graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy who has been driven by her love of world traveling and desire for diverse perspectives into a career that she had always dreamed of.  Kate was inspired to go to sea following graduation due to her love of traveling the world, family history within the US Merchant Marine, and desire for a non-traditional lifestyle. She began sailing with the International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots (IOMMP) following her graduation and made the transition from an active sailing career to shoreside work with APL Maritime LTD, almost by accident.  Kate is now a consultant with Deloitte Consulting in their Supply Chain and Network Operations practice and is constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to utilize her maritime roots in the consulting world. She continues to mentor and empower merchant mariners to realize their potential, and encourage everyone to expand their horizons. In her seasonal spare time, she works with the NY State Snowsports Education Foundation (NYSEF) as a head alpine ski coach, coaching the next generation of Olympic Ski Hopefuls!

Kate goes into her passion for maritime and the need for knowledge around supply chain. Kate is energized for the future challenges and leads her life and career with an open mind and heart to see the good that can come from the problems we are solving today. She shared about her fear of feeling not qualified enough after graduating. She goes on to tell about a moment that gave her confidence and reassured her that she does know what she is doing. She gives such great energy to the podcast and great advice for those looking to follow in her footsteps. We are so thankful for her to be able to join us and share her story. 

Kate shared that if you would like to stay in touch with her the best place to do this is on her LinkedIn, she welcomes anyone to connect with her on there.

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