Please meet one of our amazing mentors in the MentorSHIP program, Joy Hall.

She is the Marine Training Director for a U.S. tanker fleet. She develops and ensures the compliance of the marine training programs for 325 employees.  Before transitioning ashore, she sailed around the globe on ships for 10 years through the Chief Mate billet on her Unlimited Master’s credential.  She received a Marine Transportation degree at Texas A&M University and a Psychology degree at The University of Houston.  She serves on the Board of the Oilfield Energy Center (OEC) and SeaSisters.Org and is a member of Women Offshore as well as WISTA USA.

Her motto is Lifting Others Up Is Uplifting!  She believes her 27+ years of experiential knowledge at sea and ashore has the potential to motivate mariners to see the endless possibilities within the maritime industry. 

Joy joined the MentorSHIP Program the moment it was launched. She continues to make it a part of her personal development goals because it advances her company’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) efforts.

She has advised Mentees regarding shoreside options after sailing, personal tragedy, and motherhood. She inspires them to go deep and think about the life they desire and not just the job they want.  Some have encountered rough spots and wanted to quit but she has encouraged them to reimagine how to get to the goal line. 

Joy believes mentoring has powerful positive impacts.  The mentorship program connects a mentee to a mentor which allows a mentee to have access to a different perspective. The program is a safe place for a mentee to be seen and heard and receive guidance and support from someone who has already encountered the experience and mastered successful outcomes! 

The program allows mentors like Joy to recall their amazing seagoing and shoreside experiences and realize that their endless knowledge can shape someone’s future.  And Joy believes that what she gives out returns to her multiplied.  

To learn more and sign up for the MentorSHIP program, click here.

Martha Music

About The Author: Martha Music

Martha Music is passionate about supporting women who work on the water and an avid boater. She is an experienced treasurer for nonprofits, and serves as the treasurer of the Women Offshore Foundation.

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