There are a lot of opinions, myths and facts about working mothers.

If you have been tuning into the Women Offshore Podcast, then you know that Jais Curry, the director of community outreach, has been interviewing mothers with offshore experiences. From family planning, pregnancy and postpartum, there have been several episodes that expose the ups and downs of motherhood at sea.

On today’s episode, Ally Cedeno, the founder of Women Offshore, is back with Jais to explore some myths and opinions about working offshore as a mother and see if they are actually factual. Topics include losing a job when becoming pregnant, required pregnancy tests before going offshore, and many more. Ally and Jais tear apart these toipics to see if they’re factual through their own research, experiences, and speaking with members of the Women Offshore Community.

Please note: the laws and policies referenced in this episode are from the United States, and we recommend that you also do your own research, especially if you are working outside the US.

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