As we set sail into 2024, it’s truly inspiring to reflect on Women Offshore’s impact in the maritime community. What began as small ripples nearly seven years ago has magnified into a powerful force driving change and advancement, embodying the essence of the saying, “A drop in the ocean, a change in the sea.”

This past year has been marked by extraordinary accomplishments, most notably the awarding of $80,000 in scholarships in collaboration with OSG and MEBA. These scholarships have illuminated the paths of ambitious students in the maritime field, guiding them towards a promising future and symbolizing hope in every drop of support we offer.

A pivotal moment of 2023 was the expansion of our Career Development Program. Beyond enrolling 12 deserving individuals, we opened our doors wider to welcome an even greater number of participants, further solidifying our commitment to nurturing talent in the maritime sector. This expansion, akin to adding more drops to our ocean, has significantly enhanced our collective strength and impact.

Our Student Day at SUNY Maritime was a resounding success, gathering a room full of aspiring maritime students from across the nation to learn from industry leaders. The Women Offshore Conference at Texas A&M in Galveston, themed “A World of Opportunity,” provided an unparalleled platform for networking, learning, and inspiration. Similarly, our Inclusion Summit made a profound impact, focusing on leadership enhancement, bias awareness, and inclusive mentorship.

The significant achievements of Women Offshore are a direct reflection of the steadfast commitment and support from our remarkable community. Each of you contributes to the vast ocean of our collective efforts, driving our mission to empower women+ in the maritime industry. By fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, we are collectively creating waves of profound impact. We extend our heartfelt thanks for your vital role in this journey.

Together, let’s continue to navigate towards a future rich with positive change in 2024 and beyond, remembering that every contribution, no matter how small, is a vital drop in the vast ocean of our shared mission.

Ally Cedeno

About The Author: Ally Cedeno

Ally Cedeno is the Founder of Women Offshore and a 2008 graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. She is licensed as a chief mate of unlimited tonnage vessels and dynamic positioning operator. Ally’s experience on the water spans both the maritime and offshore energy industries over the last 11 years. Ally spent much of her career at sea as one of the only women in operations on the vessels she worked on, yet she is determined to change that with the Women Offshore Foundation, an online organization and resource center for a diverse workforce on the water. The Women Offshore Foundation propels women into meaningful careers through access to a worldwide community and professional development resources, while raising awareness amongst industry leaders and decision makers about issues affecting women on the water.

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