In order to eradicate sexual violence in the maritime industry and support the safety of seafarers, Women Offshore founded our own program called Sexual Assault & Violence Eradication (S.A.V.E.).

In episode 96, hear from Christine MacMillan: our S.A.V.E. Program Coordinator. As an experienced female mariner, Christine now manages and oversees the organization’s relationships and development of prevention, response, recovery, accountability and shipboard climate change initiatives, such as victim support resources, reporting avenues, bystander training, and awareness campaigns.

SASH Reporting and Support Resources

if you have been a victim of or a witness to sexual assault or sexual harassment, you are not alone and can take action today. We encourage you to report such matters to your employer, academy, or union as per their guidelines, or directly to the USCG through their tips app. It can be hard to speak up, but it is a necessary step in seeking help and breaking the cycle of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Below is a list of reporting and support resources:

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