In the latest Women Offshore podcast episode, Christine dives into a captivating conversation with Traci Langford, a powerhouse from the leading Louisiana apparel company, LAPCO.  Discover the story behind LAPCO’s fire-resistant apparel line and hear Traci’s firsthand experience working for a company that prioritizes women’s safety and comfort. Join us as Traci shares insights into the significance of women-specific and all-inclusive sizing, making waves in the industry and empowering women to thrive at sea. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and a closer look at how LAPCO is shaping a safer and more inclusive work environment for women in offshore industries.

Traci Langford is a dynamic sales and marketing professional with a strong focus on safety uniform sales. Passionate about advancing women’s safety in the industry, Traci excels in building and nurturing impactful relationships. Her success is rooted in meticulous attention to detail, exceptional interpersonal skills, and a consistently professional demeanor. Known for her positive attitude and commitment to excellence, Traci’s expertise lies in understanding the unique safety needs of her clients, particularly women in industrial environments. Beyond sales, she is a dedicated advocate for women’s safety, ensuring effective and empowering solutions. Combining business development savvy with a genuine desire to make a difference, Traci strives for more than just sales success. Her work is about creating safer, more inclusive workplaces for women, extending her influence beyond conventional sales and marketing boundaries. A respected figure in her industry, Traci’s dedication makes her an invaluable asset and an inspiration.

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