WomenOffshore has great news! Two Piers Consulting has an upcoming workshop in Houston, Texas!

Our friends over at Two Piers Consulting are hosting their next workshop for women in the field and it’s right around the corner!

WomenOffshore is excited to showcase another offering to support our readership

The Dynamic Navigation workshops were created as the founder of Two Piers, Erica D’Eramo, struggled to find resources to help her be a more effective employee offshore, as well as, in the field as a young engineer. As her career progressed and she took on leadership roles that shifted and changed her challenges.  Yet, she was still unable to find development offerings geared, specifically, toward women in field operations.

Two Piers designed their workshops to provide a supportive environment where women can both learn and practice real-life, tactical skills for managing complex or challenging interactions in various workplace conditions. They achieve these lessons through a fun, interactive, day-long workshop that combine theory and discussion, as well as, exploratory and interactive exercises that include role play. Attendees work with carefully selected facilitators to identify and practice the techniques that work for each person on an individual basis.

The workshops cover the following topics for women in the field:

  • What to Expect – common scenarios and challenges.
  • Self-Awareness – discovering and identifying personal values and boundaries.
  • Communicating and Assertion of Boundaries.
  • Recognizing Different types of Interactions – responding accordingly.
  • De-escalating Confrontation.
  • Avoiding Emotional Fatigue and Staying Focused.
  • Practicing the Techniques that Work for You.

The next workshop is in Houston, TX, on July 30th, 2017 – just around the corner!

Two Piers has generously offered our members an exclusive discount to attend a workshop! Join below!

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