We’ve all seen it – a critical board meeting, brainstorming sessions, even casual team chats. A woman is making her point, laying down insights, or suggesting strategies, and suddenly, she’s interrupted, cut off, or talked over, often by a male colleague. This isn’t just about breaking the conversational flow; it’s about undermining authority, credibility, and voice.

We’ve invited Erica D’Eramo, the founder of Two Piers Consulting PBC, to our podcast to dive deep into this intricate issue. For our listeners, here is a quick recap of Erica’s expertise. With two decades in the energy industry, primarily in remote or offshore locations, Erica’s leadership insights are rooted in hands-on, frontline experiences. This unique perspective allows her to address issues like interruptions with authenticity.

Through her business, Two Piers Consulting, Erica has consistently worked to foster diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environments. It’s this mission of hers, through Two Piers Consulting, that drives impactful changes in workplaces.

It’s a meaningful conversation, one that’s long overdue. Stay with us as we explore this topic, sharing experiences, strategies, and actionable takeaways.

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