“You are allowed to be, both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.”
– Sophia Bush

Our readership at Women Offshore is comprised of an incredibly diverse collection of professionals – men, women, mothers, fathers, captains, geologists, engineers, mates, executives, scientists, officers, technicians – the list is ever-growing.

The one thing we don’t have enough of, are voices.

Your voices.  

Your voices have already reached us from almost every corner of the globe:  Norway, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Netherlands and Spain, to name a select few!  And, they are your voices that have resonated so deeply with our readers that they, in turn, have felt compelled to share their gratitude by offering up their own defining moments.

We need to hear from you – your trials and tribulations, your defeats and successes.  Our strength, reach and integrity comes directly from you.  We welcome each and every one of our readers to put their thoughts, experiences and comments to paper.

Seafaring personnel in the field and offices, former industry professionals, gender diversity champions, a parent of a child at sea -your words elicit change and evoke strength in the common bond that exists between our offshore brothers and sisters.

Help us to build up our community, together, by joining our collective of Featured Women and Gender Diversity Champions.  We know you’ve got more to say, so please allow us to publish you!  Allow us to share our gratitude with your voice.

Send your thoughts, your blogs, articles and your musings to [email protected].  As always, we encourage you to include some of your photographs to go along with your words.

We’ll keep our light shining brightly, in the hopes of seeing yours, very soon.

Women Offshore

About The Author: Women Offshore

The Women Offshore Foundation is an online organization and resource center for a diverse workforce on the water. Its mission is to propel women into meaningful careers through access to a worldwide community and professional development resources, while raising awareness amongst industry leaders and decision makers about issues affecting women on the water. Contact Women Offshore today: [email protected].

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