In today’s podcast, we have a special treat for you. We want to share with you an inspiring panel that was from our 2023 Women Offshore Conference this year.

Bound by Experience: Navigating Careers Through Lifelong Connection with Admiral Mark Buzby and Maddie Thibeault

Madeline Thibeault has a successful maritime career with experience at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, G & H Towing Company, and the Port Houston Authority, where she excels in optimizing vessel work productivity and cargo allocation. She’s also dedicated over five years to the US Navy.

Mark H. Buzby is a retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral and former Administrator of the United States Maritime Administration (MARAD) from 2017 to 2021. He graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and had a 34-year Navy career, including various operational commands and leading the Naval Task Force during Operation Iraqi Freedom. As MARAD’s Administrator, he advocated for waterborne transportation and the U.S. Merchant Marine’s viability.

This riveting panel discussion peers into the heart of authentic industry comradeship. Step into the worlds of these remarkable professionals whose careers have woven together over time. Explore the intricate dance of their intertwined paths, where roles have evolved, connections have been revitalized, and years of shared experience have forged an indelible connection. This session is a testament to the tangible strength of drawing on familiar faces for motivation, solace, security, and the spark of inspiration along the unpredictable journey. Get ready for an exploration that’s not just a trip down memory lane but a testament to the potency of hard-earned victories, mutual support, and the unspoken understanding that only true allies can bring.

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