Today, we conclude our series on “Bad Bosses,” featuring insights from Erica D’Eramo of Two Piers Consulting. In this episode, Ally and Erica delve into the topic of recognizing when you, as an individual, may exhibit traits of a bad boss. Whether you’re a cadet or a team leader, continuous learning and self-reflection are essential components of personal and professional growth.

The discussion explores the concept of effective leadership and emphasizes the influence of our environment, especially in challenging industries like offshore work. The demanding nature of such environments can sometimes lead to a leadership style that may be perceived as “tough.” However, it’s crucial to recognize the distinction between tough leadership and toxic behavior.

As Erica and Ally highlight, maintaining open and reciprocal communication is paramount. They stress the importance of information flowing in both directions, emphasizing that without this dynamic exchange, one is figuratively “dead in the water.” Tune in for a valuable reminder from Erica and Ally about distinguishing toxic leadership from genuinely helpful practices in the workplace.

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