In today’s episode, Christine speaks with Nellie Tormala as she shares her story of how she found her authentic self. Nellie shares how she first came to the sea to isolate and run from her true identity as a woman.  She shares about her transgender journey and how it led to working offshore.

Join us as we listen to this enlightening conversation as you listen to Nellie’s challenges and trials as she embraces the journey to her authentic self and working offshore.

Here is a little bit more about Nellie: I grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula not far from the shores of Lake Superior,  about a half-mile walk through the trees. Living near the lake and learning the lore of the Great Lakes, shipping was surely a draw to the Maritime industry. I have worked for numerous companies here and there and I have worked both licensed and unlicensed.   Once I left the Lakes, I never went back.  I have sailed primarily on tankers since 2006. I was with Seabulk for a while then I went to Shell.  After Shell, I went to work for Crowley and I have been with them since 2010. I have three children aged 16, 14, and 12.  Two boys and one girl. I love the outdoors and can spend hours watching the waves and sun travel across the sky at Agate Beach Park in Toivola, MI.

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