California-raised Leilani Rebolledo, shares with Women Offshore what empowers her to work in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and her road to becoming a Drilling Engineer and designing wells.

Meet Leilani Rebolledo, alumna of the University of Southern California with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on the petroleum industry. Leilani is a Field Drilling Engineer in the offshore oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico.

Leilani began her offshore career two years ago. She is touted as a highly motivated individual, inspired by the dynamic environment offshore.

I was inspired to work offshore because of the incredible work opportunities, challenges, and engineering advancements that I would be exposed to in the industry. Working at the forefront of deepwater drilling operations, adapting myself to the unique offshore lifestyle, and engaging my interests and passions for engineering were all strong drivers and motivators for me.”

Leilani savours the camaraderie she has found on board.

“The most memorable experience during my career so far has been building an incredible network of diverse and extraordinary individuals. Engaging with individuals from all over the world who have different backgrounds and skill sets has allowed me to expand my knowledge and understanding of just how unique the offshore industry truly is. Having such a strong network of colleagues, who are equally as passionate about the offshore world, has made the beginning of my career incredibly positive and rewarding.”

It is true, that when working in a remote location as a regular crew rotator, your crewmates become a second family.

One of my favorite interactions of offshore life that I find to be truly unique to the rotational lifestyle is the question, “Where’s home for you?” When I first meet someone offshore, it is one of the questions that lead with, because it gives a lot of insight into the person, as well as giving the opportunity for each team member to learn more about one another. What fascinates me is how, although we all come from different parts of the world, when we get on the rig, that instantly becomes our home; that’s our family. It truly is one of my favorite things about working offshore. We are a diverse group of individuals, united for the same mission.”

Women Offshore believes that each and every individual working offshore can learn from one another – including learning from those with a ‘green hat,’ just beginning their career. We asked Leilani to reflect on her first few weeks offshore, and what words of advice she would give someone starting out in the industry.

“My advice that I would give someone starting out in the offshore industry is to always maintain a curious mindset and remain passionate about your goals and dreams; never lose sight of your mission. It takes time to become acquainted with the offshore lifestyle, work rotations and living at sea.  That being said, the results of working on the water are incredibly beneficial and rewarding for the development of a person both professionally and personally.”

Leilani, we are excited for the career you are pursuing offshore, and we look forward to the day you design a new well to drill, as a Drilling Engineer!

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