In today’s episode, Christine MacMillan speaks with Ms. Eva Lianne Veldkamp, an IMO Policy Coordinator representing the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Registry at the International Maritime Organization. Ms. Veldkamp believes that mariners and seafarers are the real assets of our industry and will always stand tall in support of the human element. Ms. Veldkamp leads a working group for the Center for Ocean Policy and Economics – COPE° on Psychological Safety and Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Maritime Sector. Translating talk into action addressing the psychological welfare and safety of today’s mariner.

In addition, Ms. Veldkamp is connecting maritime professionals globally in order for them to benefit from the online learning simulators, training, examination, and certification platforms NEMO° and HALO° developed by Northeast Maritime Institute. Serving as a dual-licensed maritime officer, Eva Lianne Veldkamp started her career by crossing the many oceans of our globe on large container vessels.

More information about NEMO and COPE:

The Center for Ocean Policy and Economics – COPE. COPE° is a facilitator for cogent maritime and ocean policy and economic development project initiatives linking academic, corporate, non-governmental, and governmental partners to create impactful solutions. The working group on psychological safety, bullying, and SASH is the first project that we successfully worked on.

The work that they are doing from Dominica Maritime Administration is going beyond just registering vessels. They are continuously improving maritime policy in general in a very efficient way. Dominica Maritime Administration is managed from Fairhaven in the USA by the same people who run Northeast Maritime Institute – College of Maritime Science. This private maritime school also developed NEMO and HALO and online learning, simulation, and examination tools.

You can find more information on NEMO here: NEMO° | Online Maritime Courses – Global Maritime Training (

More information about HALO exams and simulators can be found here: HALO° Education Systems – Accessible Learning Tools For All (

The STCW courses that they currently provide online for seafarers globally can be found here (including prices): All Courses – NEMO° | Online Maritime Courses (

They have several courses available for free as well. These NEMO Professional Development Courses can be found here: . Please feel welcome to try out these courses and forward them to interested people in your network.

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