In today’s episode, Christine MacMillan has a really interesting conversation with Reinhold Titus about culture and his research on the complexity of culture.

Reinhold Titus, originally from Namibia, has lived in six different countries on three continents and traveled to sixty countries. He is passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organizations Thrive in Cultural Complexity. He speaks, facilitates, trains, coaches, and consults leaders, teams, and organizations on leadership, diversity, and inclusion, and intercultural issues. He has coached hundreds of ex-pat executives and their families moving abroad, designed and led a Global Leadership training program for a Global organization, and spoken to and consulted organizations on developing inclusive organizations. He holds several qualifications in Strategy and the Intercultural field, including a Master’s degree in “Global Leadership in Intercultural Contexts.” He enjoys anything related to diverse cultures (people, food), jazz, and scuba diving.

Reinhold Titus’s website:

Invisible Women Book Referenced:

Digital, Diverse, and Divided by David Livermore:

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